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You have given me the space to have a voice and to discover who I am.
SC - Client

one thing I have learned for myself through my journey is I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
NC - Client

"Historically, I would have describe myself as someone who struggled to express/confront most of my inner emotions, ranging from the most elementary right through to the most complex - but all that has changed. Emotional pain and anguish is something that most people encounter in their own respective forms at least once in life, but working with Fatima I have learned the importance of inner-choice within these chaotic and challenging moments. My work with Fatima has produced an inner awakening that I did not see as being possible, and at the epicentre of it all was the choice to relinquish myself from the bondage keeping me suppressed. My journey with Fatima has allowed me to revisit most of my deepest emotions and the experiences that birthed them, which has allowed me to grow so much as an individual. Fatima is such a patient and peaceful individual that has given me so much by means of providing me the tools to mental freedom, and I am so grateful for the journey that she embarked upon with me! What happened to me in the past does not solely define me, nor does it mean that I must remain attached to the energy & pain associated with it. I thank you Fatima for helping me make this realisation, and for giving me a safe environment to grasp continual mental strength and peace."
JA - Client

"Fatima has supported my journey throughout these months in a way I hadn’t envisioned. I was skeptical at first and was unsure as to whether allowing another into the shadows of my past would offer any resolve. I felt a safe space was created from the moment I walked in the room. Reluctant to begin with, I began sharing and identifying areas that needed work.
The journey was difficult at times, however Fatima was consistent in her approach and the faith she had in my abilities ignited a spark within. I began to understand that the healing I was seeking wasn’t too far out of reach after all. We delved deep and I felt supported as Fatima continued to remind me of my strength.
The words of encouragement and kindness will live with me. As I transition beyond, I feel connected to the truth of who I am and ready to continue progressing in my creative and personal goals, whilst living peacefully and free.

Fatima, Thank you for guiding me. 
RL - Client

I met with Fatima after a serious traffic accident she created a safe space where I could explore and process a range of difficult emotions from trauma and a stormy relationship. She balanced carefully my need to feel accepted and cared for confronting the ways in which I stayed stuck by offering insights and analysis in a way that was digestible to me. I could come to her with any issue and she helped me focus on what mattered and accept the different feelings involved. I felt held and understood as well as gained insights into and coming to terms with my new reality. After only 16 weeks truly a lot of things had changed. I've been in therapy several times before but never have I had so much impact and inner change from it before. Fatima's expertise in trauma treatment and addiction was perfect for me and I felt that she truly understood the complexity of what I was dealing with and at the same time gently and steadily guiding me towards recovering mentally and emotionally by using both specific techniques and a very present unconditional regard. I can't recommend her highly enough.
AE - Client

I worked with Fatima for four months. It was the first time I had undertaken such counselling and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I found her incredibly understanding and patient, yet also willing to push and question me on certain issues when required. With her help and guidance I was able to address the things that had been troubling me. When I compare how I was all those months ago with how I am now, I am so glad I took the time to work with her; I cannot recommend her highly enough.
RM - Client

l Fatima is very kind and caring; this was my first time in therapy and she made it very easy for me. I was suffering with anxiety and not feeling myself prior to the sessions I feel Fatima has helped me process and understand these feelings. It is great to be able to talk through things with Fatima I now see things from a different perspective. I feel that everyone would benefit from therapy and I wish I had done so earlier in my life........if you feel like now is the time for therapy and you are not sure where to start, I recommend meeting with Fatima.
ET - Client

After having had a first set of sessions with Fatima, I arranged another, in order to keep discussing some family matters, which had troubled me for as long as I can remember. Those matters caused a lot of stress and anxiety in me, which I am now more able to let go of. All my life I felt like my actions and values were based on the view of others but now I am able to find a new individuality and stand up for myself. I today feel much more relaxed less anxious as I don't let those dynamics impact me so much any more. I also feel more confident able to make better decisions as I base them on my own little family and more importantly in what I need. This has given me a new sense of freedom and self-worth. I am happy that I am able to remove myself from a lot of the drama that caused much pain and today be the best I can be for my family on my own. As much as in the first session I enjoyed the warm and eye-opening conversations with Fatima. I have recommended her to others as she is a very able and personable counsellor.
JB - Client



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