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"...Are you looking to find calm and relief from relationship difficulties?
...Are you wanting to find a way through the crisis or change in your life?”

Counselling for individual and couples counselling

If some of the following are familiar:

Feeling anxious depressed sad helpless controlled by panic
Struggling to cope with sudden change within the family
Affected by historic or recent traumatic experiences
Feeling trapped by relationship unhealthy patterns
Struggling with substance or alcohol issues
Searching to find meaning and purpose in your life

Life's challenges can feel overwhelming

Changes are part of a natural way of life. In such changes you hope to be rewarded with things that give you contentment. A fulfilling relationship, a satisfying career, a pleasant home - the things you expect in life to gain peace and fulfilment.

However at times life brings unexpected changes. Struggles in your relationship, you lose your job, you suffer a bereavement leaving you dealing with unexpected life challenges. Family situations leaving you not knowing what to do. You feel confused lost everyday decisions hard to manage. You feel out of control making you anxious. You have difficulty sleeping or getting out of bed to face the day is a real struggle.

"When I started the sessions, I was struggling with feelings of anxiety, sadness and a very low self esteem. From just a couple of sessions, I was able to reflect on the choices I had made, why I made them and get a better perspective of how people around us function. It's given me the self confidence to believe that I am good enough, helped me understand that I was a stronger person than I believed. Fatima was truly a pleasure to work with as she was kind, wise and understanding. I would highly recommend trying weekly therapy - it's so important to take a small break from all of life's distractions to focus on how you're feeling and your mental health so you can make better choices for the future." BS - Client

"I have worked with Fatima for a couple of years intensively and I am still referring time to time to her when needed; emotions are alive and are a lifetime project. Fatima is a empathetic, genuine, enthusiast and very effective therapist. She helped me to identify, to understand and to embrace my emotions fully. Together, we could heal what needed to be healed and unlock anything which needed to be so I can be and evolve in phase with myself. Fatima uses her experience, knowledge and psychological recognised methods which definitely gave me the expected and lasting results" MD - Client

Often difficulties we encounter are relational arising out of our interactions with others. These can be rooted in early life trauma if emotional support was absent or recent relationships within our personal and professional life. How we react and perceive ourselves when engaging with others is determined by lived experiences at the various stages in our lives.

Our capacity to be authentic is related to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Working through our own pain self discovery enables us to connect deeply within ourselves. Find a sense of who we are as people gaining the strength to find the personal fulfilment we yearn for.

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

The focus of the work determines the route:

Counselling - When at times difficulties in a relationship can leave us questioning reasons to be there. This is particularly useful with goal setting work when persistent difficulties or patterns of behaviour are involved.

Psychotherapy - Used when our view of the world and underlying assumptions shaped by our life experiences lead us to repeat negative patterns of behaviour. Such as, why do I tend to attract a particular person type in my relationships? Feeling second best again?

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My Work Locations

North London
My practice in Camden is close to Calendonian Road, Camden, Kings Cross, Islington and Holloway Road. Click Here for a map.

Central London
My City practice is located at Albert Buildings in Queen Victoria Street, very close to Mansion House tube station and Cannon Street mainline station, and about half a mile from Blackfriars Bridge. Click Here for a map.

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